Why do rich people love Champagne & Caviar so much?

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Question by Dion: Why do rich people love Champagne & Caviar so much?
For something that does not look very appetizing, Caviar seems to be the main thing that most rich people love to eat a lot. Why is that? They especially love to always have it with Champagne. Donald Trump said that he would much rather have a big juicy steak instead of Caviar any day of the year, and that he does’nt see what the fascination is over Caviar. I’d choose the steak too.

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Answer by stangcrew
They don’t, they just think they have to in order to seem sophisticated. Sad but true.

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4 Responses to Why do rich people love Champagne & Caviar so much?

  1. Julia W says:

    Simply because it is so expensive,Dahling! I have tried both a number of times and don’t seem to have a taste for fish eggs or bubbles. I have asked others and they say the same thing or something similar.”Because I can afford it” . “Because I can brag about it.” Because it is what all people associate with the Rich and Famous.

  2. Yahoo! says:

    It’s required to obtain the title of “Rich Person”.

  3. Long Beach Rocker says:

    Apologies to Julia, but caviar is not expensive. Yes, you can buy Beluga (sturgeon) caviar for a premium price, but that isn’t necessary. I buy caviar at Wal-Mart of all places for under $ 10.00 a jar

    Champagne. on the other hand can be bought for $ 5.00 a bottle or $ 500.00 It’s all up to your tastes

  4. Bella Cullen says:

    Rich people tend to be posh. Posh people like to eat sophisticated foods. Fish eggs are rare. It being rare means it is more expensive to buy. Rich people like to show of their money. They buy it.
    Simple, but true.
    Champagne…. it really does taste nice, I am from esses, I am not posh, am rich but we don´t treat ourselves very much. I am 12, its my favourite alcohol, after Mistela. I obliviously do not abuse it.
    Hope I helped!!!

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